James MacPherson – A Gypsy fiddle player who lives on his wits and charm. Popular with the ladies he is also an accomplished swordsman. He has travelled to Banff to fulfil his Mothers dying wish; that he meets his father for the first time and tells him of her death.

Bess Frazer – The middle daughter of Angus Frazer, Bess is the kindest and most beautiful. She dreams of love and the possibilities of a life away from the drudgery of her day to day existence working in the fields of Laird Duff.

Angus Frazer – The overseer for Laird Duff of Braco. A widower, who has brought up his three daughters after his wife’s death. In failing health he wants a secure life for his daughters and believes that if Bess marries The Laird then they will all be safe from poverty and destitution.

Margaret Frazer – Bess’s eldest sister. Initially motivated by fear she becomes greedy and manipulative and ultimately betrays Bess.

Mary Frazer – Bess’s youngest sister. She has been simple from birth and is very childlike Even though she is in her twenties she has a mental age of 8 or 9.

Laird Duff of Braco – The Laird of the village and the owner of the lands on which the villagers depend for their livelihood. He has recently sworn allegiance to the King of England as did most of the Scottish Lairds in order to secure and keep their lands.

Ian Duff – Laird Duffs only son. Young and brash, he idolizes his Father and is devastated to learn of his “brother”. This leads to animosity between him and James.

Mhairi Duncan – Bess’s best friend and fiancé of Ian Duff. She is torn between her love for Ian and her loyalty to Bess.

Alan Graham – One of the Recruiting Sergeants for the newly founded Highland Regiment. He is both flamboyant and menacing.

Alasdair Campbell – Alan Graham’s sidekick. Very much the follower despite their equal status in the Regiment

Hugh Laing – Ian Duffs friend. He ultimately schemes with Ian to set the town clock forward and ensure his death

Lachlan Hogg – Leader of the Jacobite rebels. Strong with a huge personality he befriends James and “adopts” James into his band of Rebels

Robbie – The young Jacobite, he idolised Lachlan and Tamas. He is good looking and smart but also a fearless fighter

Tamas – The most menacing of the Jacobite rebels, Tamas has the brawn to match Lachlan’s guile. He proves to be brave beyond measure

Reverend Craig – Minister who performs the wedding ceremony. He also befriends James in his cell