Blackout Productions are delighted to announce that they are holding auditions for their Fringe 2019 production of “MacPhersons Rant”

Principal auditions will be held the evening of Friday 5th & Saturday 6th April.
Ensemble and Principal Workshop will be held Saturday 6th April 2pm-4pm. It is compulsory for all those auditioning to attend the workshop.

Character auditions

Bess Frazer – Playing age 25 to 35, MEZZO Ab3 to E5

Margaret Frazer – Playing age 35 to 45, MEZZO Ab3 to B4

Mary Frazer – Playing age 20 to 30, MEZZO Bb3 to C5

Laird Duff of Braco – Playing age 40 to 60, BARITONE A2 to E4

Ian Duff – Playing age 20 to 35, BARITONE Bb2 to F4

Mhairi Duncan – Playing age 20 to 35, MEZZO Bb3 to D5

Lachlan Hogg – Playing age 25 to 45, BARITONE C3 to E4

We will be able to cast the other significant roles in the production based on these character auditions.

Please note: The role of James MacPherson will be played by Robert Moyes who originated the role.

For more information about the auditions, to apply for an audition pack and to register for an allocated principle time slot please email